Hey, I am @LiveStreamKatya

I know you don't have time, so short version of my story first:

First reported sighting in Bulgaria. Moved to the UK. Went to law school. Went into banking, of all things. Got bored out of my mind. Got on Periscope. Got good at it. Started Peri10k. Quit my job. Now I live stream for a living.




Doesn’t tell you much about who I am, does it? Facts rarely do. How do you know if we’ll get along then? Here are 10 things nothing will ever change my mind on:

1. You’ve got to do what you love.

Seriously, do the thing you’re obsessed with. That’s the only way to be consistent, and being consistent is the only reliable way to win big. So don’t dismiss this. Do what you love. The money takes care of itself in the end.


2. Excuses are for losers!

Are you an Idonthavetime-er? Watch less TV. Icantafford-er? A little hustle goes a long way. The thing you’ve been doing for almost two weeks not bringing you millions in sales? Suck it up, buttercup, it’s gonna take another second.

3. First you build a profitable business, then you quit your job.

First you build a profitable business, then you quit your job. It’s unlikely you’ll be good at sales if you’re worried about your bills. It’s just like dating, desperation works against you.  

4. Money Pyramid Schemes Are Disgusting

Nobody should make money off teaching things they’ve never done. If you’re a coach, coached by another coach on how to coach coaches in coaching coaches… Oh, is that sentence hard to make any sense of? Well, so is your business model! Repent, sinner.

5. Telling people they suck at what they do, but your product will make it all better?

Two problems. One, you’re mean to them for no good reason. Two, some wannabes will never be big fish. They’re in the wrong pond, and it’s your obligation to tell them. People over profit, buddy. 

6. Just because 99% of people disagree with your opinion, doesn't mean you should change it.

Just because 99% of people disagree with your opinion, doesn’t mean you should change it. Respect the 99% but stand up for what you believe in! Even if you believe 50 Shades is the best movie of all time. Better to have an unpopular opinion than no opinion at all.

7. Don't fake it till you make it. MAKE it till you make it.

I’ve built my own successful B2C business on Periscope before I ever thought of giving paid advice to others about it. Don’t tell people you’ll make them money when you’ve never made money yourself. Not everybody’s Taylor Swift. Not everybody will just shake it off. Being a fraud gets you sued. 

8. Be funny. Be entertaining.

There’s enough drama on the news. Also, personality sells shit.

9. You can't always be 1st, but you can be early.

Those who went on YouTube in 2006 are the ones making you green with envy today. In 2016, the answer isn’t to join the party late. It’s to predict the hottest party of 2020. Hint: Live streaming just might help you wipe the floor with Jenna Marbles.

10. Instead of competing, we should be collaborating.

Instead of hating, we should be creating. We can ALL prosper. Focus on that instead of worrying whether you deserve it and if there’s enough. You do. There is. Now go help a peer of yours.

There, now you are closer to knowing the inner workings of my soul. What else might you be interested in? Since we are talking live streaming, you might want to check out my baby, Peri10k.

It’s allowed me to quit my job in just three short months.  

Even cooler, it’s now helping dozens of thought leaders get all the visibility and business growth they deserve.