Can you change your mindset at 80?

It’s hard to change your mindset at any age! But I’ve just witnessed it. At 82.

This is my grandma Varba. She is 82 years old. The last time she left my mom’s flat in Bulgaria was 16 months ago. She hasn’t stepped outside for 16 months!

Why? She can’t walk. And it hurts her so much she doesn’t even want to try, bless her. It’s gotten her depressed. On top of that, she’s lived her whole life in a small village in poverty, so she’s never really believed that a better life existed.

For a long time, she’s been talking about her life coming to an end, her misery and her pain. Last July I went to visit and she told me I’d probably never see her again.

But my mom hasn’t given up!

Ever since she discovered the Law of Attraction and Personal Development, my mom hasn’t stopped working on grandma’s mindset. She’s reading affirmations WITH my grandma, saying prayers out loud WITH my grandma and keeping gratitude journals with her.

Every. Single. Day.

This morning before I left Bulgaria to go back home in the UK, GRANDMA said something she’s never said before.

“I’ll come visit you in the UK”, “I’ll get better”, “I am grateful for everything I have”.

The exact same words my mom has been PLANTING into her subconscious since last year.

I cried.

P.s. The jewellery you see is what my grandma now makes to keep herself busy. My mom then gives them away to the local children with disabilities hospice.

P.s. 2 She can’t WALK but she secretly uses my mom’s phone to tap hearts on my Periscopes. I’ve taught her well.

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