Are you scared to be on camera?

So everyone is telling you that video marketing is the future of online business.

But what if you are scared to be on camera?

Are you fearful to do your first video?

Are you worried nobody would show up to your Periscope broadcast?

Are you fearful nobody would buy your online video course?

Are you scared to show your face on camera because your friends may judge you?

I have TWO sentences for you. And these TWO sentences MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So use them wisely:

You have nothing to prove!

You have nothing to hide!

I promise you, I’ve been there. When I was 18, I was scared to upload my singing covers on YouTube because I was worried people were going to call me fat! And I said to myself I will not upload anything unless I lose X amount of weight.


Because I felt like I had to PROVE to the World that I am worthy of their attention. And feeling fat made me feel unworthy. I was scared they would laugh. Because if they did laugh, that would be make me feel even more unworthy.

Sounds silly, hey?

Today, I am a Live Stream Strategist and Fanatic!

I am no longer scared to be on camera. I do video for a living! And I kick others’ butts if they are scared to be on camera. To me, that mindset shift was crazy, because I never thought I would do it.

The truth is, I realised that I have nothing to prove.

If I believe I am worthy, that’s all that mattered. And NO MATTER how amazing your video is, someone’s going to pop in and say “You’re too fat”, “You’re too ugly”, “You can’t sing”, “You’re not a good speaker”.

“My ass.. I am a good speaker. I can sing. I look amazing. Don’t like me? #ToTheLeft” is what I tell everyone now. And I mean it. Because I have learnt how to not care what other people think. That’s why I am no longer scared to be on camera.

You have nothing to prove, so why try?

Don’t do it for others. Do it for you.

Download Periscope. Do your first scope.

Create a video. Upload it on YouTube.

Download Busker. Do your first busk!

Download Snapchat. Start snapping!

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Create comedy. Upload on Vine!

You owe it to YOU.

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