Anchor FM for Busines: 5 Ridiculously Simple but Effective Techniques

Anchor FM – Radio by the People

I am so excited to share this gamechanger with you. You may have heard about a new mobile app called Anchor from Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog. I love studying and using new social media platforms as I get a massive head start as an early adopter. Here’s what it sounds like:

But there is a problem.

Most of you are already on too many social media sites. I know you are because you keep telling me that. You are on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and I know what you’re thinking:

”Why do I need another social media platform?”

The truth is, you don’t! You should only use what brings you joy. I focus on Periscope and Facebook Live and I definitely plan to use Anchor.

But just because you are on too many platforms already, it doesn’t mean you should discard it. Give Anchor a chance, for goodness sake!

So what is Anchor FM?

Anchor Logo

Anchor FM is true public radio, where any voice can join the conversation. It’s a free iPhone app that makes it easy to broadcast short audio ”waves” to  a global audience in a second. Your listeners can talk back, engage and connect with you.

Sounds pretty awesome hey? It is.

And what if I told you you can actually use it to make some cash in your business? Yes you can!

Here are 5 ways to use Anchor for your business. 

1. The quicky sneaky technique 

i.e. Ask leading questions that allow your ideal client to sell themselves  into your programme.

Have you ever found someone so subtle and so brilliant in the way they promote themselves? They did it on a subconscious level and you they didn’t even sell you. You sold yourself?

For example: You are a relationship coach and you help women find their soulmate. Ask a quicky sneaky question with #firstwave. For example: ”Hey, my name Barry is and I am a relationship coach. I just want to ask you a question, how would it feel to finally find your soulmate. What would that be worth to you?”

Other users will join the conversation. They will say ‘priceless’, ‘it will change my life’. Follow up and you can be the answer to their struggles. And even if they don’t hire you, they will remember you because of the emotional connection.

2. Research,  Research, Research

You can use Anchor FM to test the market and research your services. Describe your project idea in a #wave and ask for feedback. Describe your ideal client so that you can get relevant responses.

Another way you can research is by doing a poll. Pose a question and ask other #anchor users to answer with one word.

For example, I could ask the audience if they Prefer Periscope or Facebook Live.

Finally, you can test a price. Describe your product and your client and ask the Anchor community how much they would pay for it.

3. The Influencers’ Wave Technique

i.e. Follow  those influencers whose audience is your  target market and jump on their waves.

Have you ever seen how new social media accounts grow their reach? They look for influencers in their niche and copy their followers. Why? Because these followers are highly targeted and likely to follow back.

How does that apply to Anchor FM? Well, if you’re interested in Gary V fans and you want to attract more of these, then here’s what you do. Go to Gary Vaynerchuk’s Anchor FM profile, click on his latest wave and reply to others. Remember, you are not jumping in to sell, you’re there to build relationships.

The reason you want to reply to as many highly targeted people is possible is so that they know who you are. Don’t talk about your products at this stage. Let them ask you first.

If I wanted to target Periscope fans, I would attack @1AlexKhan’s Anchor FM stream.

4. Create your own Anchor FM Show.

Remember in live streaming consistency is key. If you pick a day and time and your followers know exactly what they get, you will grow a loyal following.

Anchor is a great platform to start your own show.

  • Motivational Speakers can do motivational  waves every morning.
  • Social Media Managers can share social media tips.
  • Life Coaches can talk about overcoming your limiting beliefs.
  • Bloggers can give a sneak peak of what they are writing about.

You get the point.

Be the expert in your niche and use Anchor to do that.

Remember to give your show a name and make it catchy. It’s all about marketing.

5. Use Twitter to Wave-Watch and Connect with Anchor users.

Credit to @RickWolff for this tip. I heard it from his wave on Anchor.

Connect your Twitter and Anchor accounts and share your waves. You can be strategic with your hashtags and attract a broad audience. When you share your wave on Twitter, your followers can listen with one click inside Twitter.

Twitter LivestreamKatya

Also, you can use the Twitter search bar to find other Anchor users. Just type in ‘’, select LIVE and you’re ready.

Why is this useful for your business?

Well, you want to tell as many people as you can that you are using this platform. Going the extra mile and connecting through Twitter is another way for people to find you. Make sure your Twitter bio is up to date and has your website link.

Now it’s your turn.

I’d love to hear from you! How are you going to use Anchor? Let me know in the comments and come say hello on Social Media. I am @LiveStreamKatya on all platforms!