Busker – Is it worth paying attention to?

Have you heard of the Busker app already?

Keep reading because you don’t want to miss on this new live streaming platform Busker which improves on Periscope’s most common pet-peeves.

In this article I will not only walk you through Busker’s features but I will also give you pros and cons of being on the platform. You know I love testing, researching and sharing. I want to save you time.

So what is Busker?

It’s a platform to broadcast live and engage with viewers. Anyone can showcase a talent, share a passion or discuss a product they love. The audience can join in and post comments and questions, support (with $$) a host or even buy a product straight from the video.

Both iOS and Android users can broadcast through the mobile app Busker.

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So what does it look like?



 1. Firstly, let’s look at the home page.

Similar to Periscope you can follow specific broadcasters. Those you follow will appear at the top if they are live or had a recent broadcast.



 2. Secondly, similar to Periscope, there is a Discover section which shows live and recent broadcasts.

It’s not in a map format yet, it’s on the home page.



 3. Here’s a new feature Periscope doesn’t have but Blab does.

You can schedule broadcasts and viewers can subscribe in advance.


 4. Finally on the home page, there is something we’ve asked for Periscope from Day 1.


5. Okay. Let’s look at the juicy profile. Here’s mine. @LiveStreamKatya

Since I signed up with my Twitter account, my handle and photo transferred automatically. Alternatively, you can sign up with Facebook.


6. Okay. How do you go live?

Just press the red circle button at the top right corner. Type your subject line, tick on Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to share with your followers and GO LIVE.



 7. Ready for the most important question? How do you get paid on Busker?

Right now, viewers can support you financially with tips between $1 and $20. They can pay via PayPal or Credit card and can do so while you broadcast LIVE or when watching your REPLAY. Soon, you will also be able to sell products directly on the platform with the blue button below.


 13161592_10206325887366221_200581568_o (1)

Let’s talk juicy Pros

  • You can monetize your talents and sell your products without viewers needing to leave the platform. Huge USP. This is perfect if you are a musician, artist, e-commerce owner or just an entertaining person.
  • There are categories of broadcasters. It helps you discover relevant content for your taste.
  • So far, there are no trolls. It’s a very quiet app. It’s what Periscope is highly criticised for.
  • You can schedule a broadcast, build up anticipation and create regular broadcast shows. If you’re the type of broadcaster who plans their content in advance, this will be perfect for you.
  • The app does not freeze. It’s very stable and the quality is decent. Something Periscope has always been under fire for.
  • A lot of the Periscope and Snapchat community is already dipping their toe in Busker.
  • This is still a new app! Remember, you can’t always be first but you can be early. As I say in my About page, those who went on YouTube in 2006 are the ones making you green with envy today. In 2016, the answer isn’t to join the party late. It’s to predict the hottest party of 2020. Hint: Live stream platforms like Busker and Periscope just might help you wipe the floor with Jenna Marbles.

What about cons?

  • Like any new app, there are still tiny annoying glitches, which will soon be fixed.
  • I had to manually go to my Phone Settings and allow my microphone and camera to be able to broadcast. Other live stream apps do it automatically. If I didn’t email the support team, I would have probably given up on Busker there and then.
  • Even though there are categories, it doesn’t seem that you can pick one yourself which is something I’d love to see from the app.
  • The bio seems to have very limited characters, worse than Periscope. I’d like to see that extended.
  • Since it’s a new app, viewership is still very low.
  • Busker keeps 15% of your earnings.

LiveStreamKatya’s verdict

Is this the next big thing? It’s still early to say. But it has a juicy potential. The monetization part is so clever that I want to #FacePalm and ask Periscope why they haven’t done it yet. And if they do, this will affect Busker in a big way. I love that you can support with $1. I love that you would be able to sell products on the platform. I love that it will attract more creatives and talent.


Here’s what I worry about. I worry that it may become a sales fest. Nobody likes being sold to. I’ve already seen a few broadcasters who asked for financial support. And I don’t think Busker wants to create a Sales Fest. Because too many sales pitches and people will be put off and go back to Snapchat and Periscope. So if you’re planning to use Busker, please don’t just ask for money. Show your talent. Give value. Teach a language. Whatever you’re good at. If you are good enough, people will support you. Don’t ruin the community experience which will allow the platform to grow organically.


Community is what will make Busker or break Busker. If people like spending time on the platform, the community will grow. Content quality will also be very important. I wouldn’t use Busker the way I use Periscope to “chit chat” with you all. Want to hang out with your audience? Do it on Periscope or Facebook Live. Want to showcase some of your best content and make people smile? Do it on Busker.


Finally, here’s how I will use Busker. I will continue to give all my tips for Live Streaming and monetization as usual. This is LiveStreamIncome blog right? Not the LiveStreamCharity. I will also do all my piano concerts on Busker since it makes more sense than doing it on Facebook Live. I may do some entertaining Busker broadcasts with the PeriDuck and that’s about it.


My intention for using Busker isn’t to make millions. I am doing a long-term game and don’t care about making a quick buck. My intention is to grow my brand as an early adopter. Get more eyeballs on my blog. Get more attention at my Live Streaming work. Grow my community and give value to all of you.

To summarise, I think it’s a wonderful new juicy app. The owner is super involved in the process. The customer service is brilliant. I am going to test it and report results soon.

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