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3 Marketing Lessons from the Chewbacca Lady Viral Video

Have you seen the Chewbacca Lady?

So, unless you’ve been living in a cave, you must have seen the Viral Facebook video of the Chewbacca Lady. It’s the most watched Facebook Live ever, with over 140,000 million views in 5 days (which is madness). Hey, I told you Live Streaming is the next hot thing, didn’t I?

Not sure which video I am referring to, Mr Flinstone? It’s this one.


I know, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, me too…

Okay, so apart from the fact that the Chewbacca Lady is full of joy and made me laugh so hard, I actually learnt a thing or two from her video about marketing. What I learnt is so simple and at the same time so profound. It can apply to any type of marketing (including live streaming too).

1. Stop selling. Start sharing.

Did you know the Chewbacca Mask is completely sold out on Amazon? That’s no coincidence, my friends. People bought the mask because of the Chewbacca Lady video. And guess what? Candace was NOT selling the mask. She did not mention price. She did not say “Buy this”. She did not say “We only have 100 left”. She did not say “Act fast”. She did not say “But wait, there’s more…”.

What sells is not telling someone to buy a product. Candace’s joy, her happiness and her genuine reaction was what sold the Chewbacca mask. She was sharing her joy. She was sharing with her friends with no intention to sell the mask to them.

When it comes to price, she made it completely irrelevant by saying “It’s worth every penny”. Her infections laugh is what people bought into, not the mask.

Think about that. She is talking at her friends as friends, not as buyers of a Chewbacca mask.

Stop selling. Start sharing. Be creative with your marketing campaigns. Make people feel like you are sharing, not selling. They will buy into you. Try it.

2. Make people feel something.

The reason Candace’s video got shared millions of times was that it made people feel something strong. It made people laugh and it made people feel happy. It made people feel nostalgic for the small things in life. It brought joy to viewers’ eyes.

If you want to make an impact, you need to make people feel something. You can make them feel angry. You can choose to make them laugh. You can make them feel shocked. You can make them feel inspired. Whatever you do, if you don’t bring emotions in their life, they won’t pay attention.

This applies to all forms of marketing, writing, video, podcast, it needs to make you feel something strong. Full stop.

3. Authentic and Natural videos are the way to go. Scripted Videos Suck.

I have said this for a loooooong time, my friends. I shared a story recently and it got a lot of traction. I stumbled across a lady who I thought had done a fantastic job with her branding. It made me curious about her, I clicked on her website and the first thing I saw there was a video.

Great! This gal is doing things right, I thought.

20 seconds in, I couldn’t continue watching. I stopped it.

It wasn’t her energy. It wasn’t what she was saying. It wasn’t her looks. It was the one thing I recommend EVERYONE stays away from:

Shooting a Video and reading from a script.

Her video was scripted as hell. It was obvious she was reading the whole time. Not even 50% of the time, the whole time.

That made me NOT believe in her message. It looked fake. It didn’t sound from the heart. It sounded like a rehearsal by a bad politician. If you believe in what you are about to say, say it. If you have to read the whole time, then how do you expect me to trust you? Sure, use cues, bullet points, but don’t read the damn thing out loud.

The Chewbacca Lady Video is 100% authentic.

How do I know this? Look back on it. Her laugh is genuine. Her joy is genuine. It makes us believe her. It makes us love her. Does it sound scripted to you? It makes us want to buy a Chewbacca mask for ourselves. She is self-depreciating in a humorous way. She mis-pronounces ‘confiscate’ and laughs at herself. The audience relates to her.

And that’s why people share.

So next time you are trying to create a video, create something authentic, relatable that makes people feel something.


Stop Selling through social media. Start Sharing on Social Media and being Social.

Make people feel something. Anger. Joy. Shock. Happiness. No feeling, no share.

Authentic videos for the win. No scripting if you really want to make an impact.

Want to look and feel like Candace? Grab yourself a Chewbacca Mask here (US link) or here (UK link).


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