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Video Script – Live Stream Demonstration on Periscope

Should you video script or not video script?

The truth is, whether you should do video script, it all depends on who you are. Some people are natural speakers, don’t need any cues, can stand in front of an audience, entertain and share their ideas in an articulate manner.

Others aren’t as good improvisers and need some visuals such as slides or bullet points or even a full script.

Video script for YouTube is something that can really help the flow of your message.

But what about video script for your live stream on Periscope and Facebook live?

I strongly recommend you do not read out loud from a script. It will completely distract your audience. You will lose authenticity and people will tune out.

Bullet points, however, can be super helpful.

Even better, keywords and key sentences can remind you what you’re supposed to talk about.

I have to be honest, most of my videos are completely improvised.

If I had to prepare bullet points for every live stream, I would not have the time to do as many live streams as I currently do.

I am not a fan of video script.

But I know it can be helpful for many people out there. That’s why I decided to do the closest things that isn’t as bad as reading from a script and it’s almost as good as being completely natural and improvising on the spot.

Instead of teaching you how to do it, I thought it would be better to show it to you in action.

Watch this video below to see exactly how I create the video script. You can take the cues and copy them exactly as they are, of course, using your own information.

This is the simplest way to do video script.

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